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Thread: What formula do I use, or is this even possible

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    What formula do I use, or is this even possible

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    Good Evening,

    I have been pulling my hair out for 3 days trying to solve this, I have posted everywhere and I am really beginning to think all is lost.

    My problem is, I have Sheet A, where my main data is entered Column A = Name Column B = Casemanager C= Employer, E = Placement F= 13 Weeks G= 26 Weeks. I have sheets with tallys etc following Sheet 1, Beginning at Sheet 4 is months eg. March.

    Now if column E, F or G has a date entered in it eg 01/03/12, I want to copy the data from that cell and from the cells in Columns A,B & C from that row.

    I have a solution here, but it's not quite doing what I want:

    See Attachment

    Any help, or if I'm even using the right formula to begin with would be great
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    Hi there. Have you considered using a pivottable for this? You could group the dates by month, and have a separate pivot on each tab, with the dates filtered to the particular month that you want. See the attached. Also, what do you want to happen in the case that the date in E falls in a different month than the date in F?Post Placement Tracking Sheet.xlsx

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    In what way does it not do what you want? I would have been suggestiing a similar solution.

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