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Thread: How can I update the charts' soure data programmatically?

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    How can I update the charts' soure data programmatically?

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    Dear all,

    How can I update the charts' source data programmatically using VBA which has same data format, but only from Sheet1 to Sheet 2?


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    You need to apply the SetSourceData method of the chart.

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    Is there a way to do find and replace in the 'Select Data' dialogue box to make it quicker and easier to specify a different source sheet for a chart's data. For example, if I have 2 sheets with identical formats (created by copying sheet 1 to sheet 2), I would like to be able to quickly change the source of charts (on the different sheet, 3) to look at sheet 2 instead of sheet 1, without having to re-select the data or manually edit the path information in the dialogue box.

    Are there any such short cuts. I am not familiar with VBA but will learn if necessary because with over 100 charts looking at sheet 1 there has to be an easier way than to manually edit each chart to look at sheet 2 for its source data.

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