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Thread: Sum based on weeks

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    Sum based on weeks

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    I download a file from a time management system every week, where I have loads of data. What is relevant for this formula is the week number, and expense correlated to this week number. Expense is hours * price per hour.

    Week number is quoted as 01.2016, 02.2016, etc. to 52.2016 (it starts at 01.2014). And there are several rows for every week.

    I need a formula that sums up the expense for each year.

    I have tried several things, e.g.: =SUMIFS(Expense_column;week_column;"??"&".2016") to get the expense for 2016, but no luck.

    If anyone can help me, that would be great. If you need some more information, please do tell, but I think I have written down all the relevant info.

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    You can't use those wildcards on dates.



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    It didn't work with the week_column, but I replaced that with the date_column, and it worked:

    Thanks NBVC!

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