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    Sort and Move

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    I want to create a live list of all incomplete from my current excel file. Each week is a new tab such as Week of Feb 6, Week of Feb 13, Week of Feb 20 and so on. Each of these tab has a running list of task that will be marked as open or close. The goal is to have all the task that are marked as open appear in a separate named "Open Items".
    How could I program my excel sheet to create live list of all the items marked as "Open"? I have tried using and if statement, but I can't figure out how to move the entire row to the "Open Items" tab.
    Thank You

    I have an image of my sheet, but I am not yet allowed to attach images to my post.

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    Quote Originally Posted by josht50m View Post
    I have an image of my sheet, but I am not yet allowed to attach images to my post.
    You should be able to post a sample of your workbook, which will asist us

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    josht50m, for your information, you should always provide links to your cross posts.
    This is a requirement, not just a request.
    If you have cross posted at other places, please add links to them too.
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