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Thread: a little bit of help

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    a little bit of help

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    hello, my name is Radu and recently i've changed my job to a firm where i have to use allot of excel sheets.
    my question, if you could give me a helping hand is this:

    on a sheet, i have to ad up dates. Ex: 02.02.2017.

    in a top right corner, in a cell i've aded :A1 =TODAY()

    eache cell that i enter dates, i want it to change the fill collor like this: if it is <A1-90 turn green ; if > A1-90 turn red
    if no date is enter the cell has to remain Blank.

    I've manage to do this with Conditional formating but, every day i open the sheet is the same collors. no change at all

    How can i do a formula to be aplied All day, every cell.....

    thx, radu

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