Hi folks, nice to meet you all.

Lets suppose I have the cell A1 with 100 words or more separated by comma, but the words can be composed word or double words such as "jump up", "Old age","sunny day", or more "holding a face", but I want to find these composed words or double/triple+ words with space that are between commas, and put them between double-quotes.

So, as example let's suppose my cell A1 was as:
[A1] word1, jump up, word3, word4, Old age, word6, Sunny day, holding a face,...word100

Want the result as

[A1] word1, "jump up", word3, word4, "Old age", word6, "Sunny day", "holding a face",...word100

It can be a formula on B1 or a trick by using find&replace.

Thanks in advance.