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Thread: Calculating combinations

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    Calculating combinations

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    New user to this forum so hope I'm in right place..

    I am trying to set up an excel spreadsheet
    when I can calculate the odds for a number of combinations. I am using upto 4 columns. As an example. Imagine a horse meeting with 4 races. In each race I select 4 horses. I have worked out how to present all 256 combinations for the 4 races. However, what I really want now is to be able to multiply the odds for each horse in each combination. This will give me the odds for each combination happening.

    I hope this makes sense....

    Can anyone help?????

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    Quote Originally Posted by Beddy Boy View Post

    Can anyone help?????

    Sorry its taken me a while to respond, but Im not really an expert in this area so I had to do a bit of analysis. You mention that you have 256 combinations, so I gather your only doing the 4 horse accumulators as I think that with doubles and trebles I make it 544.
    Im not sure which way to handle the odds as simply multiplying them doesn't reflect the final return because the accumulating effect of the stake isn't included. So Ive calculated the return on 4 bets where all the horses won.
    Heres my data:

    A2 Initial Stake Cell Value 1
    B2 First Race Winner Odds 5/2 Cell Value 2.5
    C2 Second Race Winner Odds 2/1 Cell Value 2
    D2 Third Race Winner Odds 11/10 Cell Value 1.1
    E2 Fourth Race Winner Odds 1/2 Cell Value 0.5

    F2 Payout Formula   
    Hope that helps

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