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Thread: Please help with cell reference

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    Please help with cell reference

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    Hello guys!
    There's one thing I'd like to do but I keep failing.
    I have a data array in a sheet, and bellow this array I'd like to use some of those data by copy-pasting them in the same sheet. Everything would be simple when using a cell reference function, however, I need those data would be automatically pasted into different cells (like H30, H35, H40, etc.) from a sequence above (like C7, C8, C9, etc.). Whatever I'd do, I just keep resulting to a regular cells' referencing. If I show C7 in the cell H30, I cannot achieve H35 would show C8 and H40 would show C9 like I need. Instead, the result is as follows: H30 shows C7, H35 shows C12, H40 shows C17. What should I do to achieve the formula would take the data from a sequence by adding +1 cell only for next pasting and not +X cells accordingly?

    Thank you in advance!
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    Try, in H30:


    then copy this cell to H35, H40, etc...

    or you can enter this formula in H30:


    and copy down to fill every 5 cells with a value....

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