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Thread: Creating Dependent Dynamic List

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    Creating Dependent Dynamic List

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    Dear All,
    I want to create a dynamic dependent list. A test sheet is attached. In source table, each product category has different products against it.

    I made a list in Product table under product category. What I need is that when I select a category "A" in Product table, a list should appear in Product name (in Product table) corresponding to "A" in Source table and when I select "B", product name items corresponding to "B" shroud appear in the list, so on.....

    I believe that you can solve my problem very easily.

    Please see the attached sheet (DependentList) for reference.

    Thank you.
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    Attention! In the formulas as a delimiter I use a semicolon (; ) if you using my formula, then perhaps you need to use a comma (,)
    Also for a decimal number I use a comma (,) you may need to use point (.) instead of

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