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Thread: Power Query Running Total with Multiple Criteria

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    Power Query Running Total with Multiple Criteria

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    I have a spreadsheet of over 100,000 rows with the 4 columns: "Component", "Subcomponent", "Date", "Amount".
    Each component will have the same subcomponents.

    I need to create a column with a running total with both the Component and Subcomponent being "Sumifs-criteria" as well as a criteria stating to sum any date after the current date. As the size of the datatabel makes it almost impossible to do sumifs formulas in ordinary excel, I was hoping to do this in power query in some way.
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    Anybody up for the challenge? Would be greatly appreciated!

    Kind Regards,
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    Is there a particular reason it needs to be a column? Those kinds of calculations are exactly what PowerPivot Measures were designed for. You probably could produce that with Power Query, but it would be a lot easier in PowerPivot.

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