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Thread: Highlighting Cells based on Date

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    Highlighting Cells based on Date

    I need help trying to accomplish this to save me some manual work.

    I have an excel spreadsheet where I need to Highlight cells in Column A when the date in column B (same Row) is greater than the date of 1-01-2007. I'm new at excel working with formulas and the conditional formatting didn't work for me or I didn't know how to create a new rule.

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    Select ranges with data columns A and B . Go to conditional formatting - New rule - Use a formula...
    Supposing the range begins in row 1 ( adapt if needed) in A1 enter =$B1>01/01/2007 - Format as required - Ok -Apply

    Be sure that your dates in col B are real dates ( right aligned if no custom alignment applied) not text looking like dates (left aligned if...)
    Thank you Ken for this secure forum.

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