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Thread: Need help with dynamic range forumla

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    Need help with dynamic range forumla

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    I've created a report in excel. The intent is to paste the data into the data tab and refresh the workbook to populate all tabs.

    I have additional columns that contain formulas that populate based on the data entered. Each extract will have a different number of rows, so I would like these columns to only populate based on the number of rows in the data entered. Is there a way to do this and avoid having to drag down formulas or delete extra formulas? Like a form of dynamic range?

    Lets say my extract has 10 rows of data. I have column A as open date and column B as closed date.
    If I wanted to have column C automatically populate when the data is entered with turnaround time (closed date - open date), how could I do that only going 10 rows down?

    Lets says the next weeks data extract has 20 rows...could I have column c populate all 20 rows this time without having to drag the formulas 10 more rows down?

    Thanks for any help.

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    Without a sample workbook its difficult to assess the practicality of any ideas. However with regard to dynamic ranges, this can be done with a Named Range supported by a variable that calculates the number of rows of data
    in the range and applies that in any formula using the range.
    There are a couple of caveats:

    1. To count the rows, there needs to be a column that the variable can use that won't be empty if there is a valid record on that row (e.g. Date, Stock Code).
    2. If you want to operate this on multiple sheets, then a separate Named Range and variable would be needed for each sheet.

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