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Thread: Question: How to SUM a variable number of VLOOKUP calls

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    Question: How to SUM a variable number of VLOOKUP calls

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    Hello, I am trying to create a tool based in excel to be used by some data entry people in our company. I have two tables one that defines valid part names and their corresponding prices (sheet 1). And the other which is used to compose specific sale groups (sheet 2).

    I would like to have the cost in sheet 2 determined by a sum of the prices of the parts in the row. I know I can use VLOOKUP to get the value of each part from sheet 1. However part of the goal is that both sheet 1 and sheet 2 will grow. So I want a formula for cost that takes into account that new parts and prices will be added to sheet 1 and that more parts can be added to sheet 2.

    Any tips or help would be much appreciated.

    Sheet 1 Sheet 2
    Part Name
    Valve 12
    Pipe 6
    Lens 20
    Part 1
    Part 2
    Part 3
    Sale 1 ? Valve Pipe
    Sale 2 ? Pipe
    Sale 3 ? Lens Pipe Valve
    Sale 4 ? Pipe Pipe

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    Formatting got messed up.

    Here is an example Excel File. Examle.xlsx

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    Array-Enter (using Ctrl+Shift+Enter, not just Enter on the keyboard) the following formula in cell B2:
    then copy down.

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    Thanks, that worked great!

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