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Thread: Summarize Data using Formula or Pivot Table

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    Summarize Data using Formula or Pivot Table

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    Attached are Fields from 14 applications my firm uses between our 5 offices. What I am trying to do is figure out how many offices and reports use a field. So for example, "Comments" (rows 41 - 44) is used in 2 states and 4 application. I am not looking for the COUNT, i am looking for the actual state abbreviations and report name. Thus for "Comments", the result should show: Comments is used in CA & NY and in Report D, Report E, Report J, Report L, Report N.
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    May be a solution using pivot table
    Note that the field name in PT is unique : see attached
    You can also filter your data in Sheet 1 but the fields are not summarize
    Hope this helps
    Best regards
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