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Thread: How to fetch the table from ASP web site and save in Excel

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    How to fetch the table from ASP web site and save in Excel

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    We have a search tool web site (.aspx), which will give the list of policy data in a table format (Rows & Columns) upon clicking submit button. i want to fetch the entire table and have to save that in a excel. I have already wrote the code for opening the web site and clicking submit botton. I have the source code of the web site,please let me know if you want i will mail you. Can anyone give me the sample code to fetch the entire 12th table of the web site and save it in the excel worksheet. Thanks for your help.

    Please remember that, i have to include your sample in the below query. So please provide the code which fit into this.

    Sub Button1_Click() 
    Dim obj As Object 
    Dim Scrn As String 
    Dim objIE As SHDocVw.InternetExplorer 'microsoft internet controls (shdocvw.dll) 
    Dim htmlDoc As MSHTML.HTMLDocument 'Microsoft HTML Object Library 
    Dim htmlInput As MSHTML.HTMLInputElement 
    Dim htmlColl As MSHTML.IHTMLElementCollection 
    Set objIE = New SHDocVw.InternetExplorer
    If (objIE Is Nothing) Then 
    MsgBox "Could not create the Internet Explorer object. Stopping macro playback." 
    End If 
    With objIE 
    .Navigate "link" ' Main page
    .Visible = 1 
    Do While .readyState <> 4: DoEvents: Loop 
    Application.Wait (Now + TimeValue("0:00:02"))
    Set htmlDoc = .document 
    objIE.document.getElementById("LOBList").Value = "A" 
    objIE.document.getElementById("DataFilterEnv").Value = "L" 
    objIE.document.getElementById("ctl04_rdbAutoTransitionSignal_1").Checked = True objIE.document.getElementById("ctl04_AutoTransitionSignal").Value = "L" 
    While objIE.Busy 
    While objIE.readyState <> 4 
    End With 
    End Sub

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    Are you still looking for help with this?

    It's been a long time since I've done any web scraping, but as long as you have access to the table we should be able to pull out the data.
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