Greetings all. Excel 2007, XP Pro. In a macro, I have a WScript.Shell object which creates some spreadsheets on a network drive. I need to access the newly created spreadsheets after the VBScript is finished. The problem seems to be that the macro wants to proceed before the VBScript lets go of the spreadsheets. Rather than insert some kind of delay, is there a way for me to determine when the script shell is complete? The gist is like this...
Dim variables
Dim last variable

application.screenupdating = false

'Run VBScript to create three spreadsheets on a network drive.  
Set wshell = CreateObject("WScript.Shell")
wshell.Run ("wscript ""\\filepath\VBScript.vbs""")

'ADO recordset here to access the files created by the VBScript.
When the macro tries to access the first one, I get an error telling me it can't access the file. Within the VBScript, I am closing each spreadsheet as the last line of the script, so I know they are closing. I sure would appreciate any insight. Thanks.