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Thread: Help in order to Automate a planning system.

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    Help in order to Automate a planning system.

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    Hi Everybody,

    I have this problem on which am still struggling for a long time.

    By the way I posted this long before on Vbax here is the link:

    And am very sorry for cross posting this as i don't have the habit to this when cross posting was explain to me by my colleagues.

    but am really needing this help to work out my planning system which is headache right now to do for me.

    Well I will try to be in more details and clearer anything you don’t understand please let me know. Thanks again.

    Well this is a planning system for sweater and there are 2 ways to make the planning. The 1st thing that will drive the planning system is the yarn and complexity. And this is which determine the Group No. and the Group or Single Sequence. Please see attached file for better understanding.

    1st category of planning is the “Single Sequence”. This means there is no relation with other P.O in terms of complexity and yarn. See column “H” , for all the P.O containing the “S” sequence and the way its planning the values.

    The 2nd category of planning which is complicated and where I need help is for the Group Sequence P.O. it will works with the same principle that is it block date, Min Run Qty ,etc as a Single Sequence order but will not plan the value same as a Single Sequence P.O

    Every time the Group No. (Column G) remain the same the P.O shall be group together. This means the P.O has the same complexity and yarn characteristics (See column F ) and the “G” Sequence is allocated to these orders having the same group No.(See Column H)

    Now the logic of planning the P.O having group Sequence are as follows.

    1. When P.O is group the Min Run Qty is shared across all the P.O that is why I have added the column L which bears the formula.
    2. I can also change the Min Run Qty for any P.O across the group. See P.O having Group No. 6 for examples in (Column G)
    3. When planning the P.O, it shall plan the 1st order in the Group after finish it shall start the 2nd order, 3rd order, and 4th and continue. See P.O having the group No. 8 which I have done manually to show how it shall work (starting from row 23 to 30). It shall not planned as done by the formula for P.O having group No. 3 ( See on row 13 to 16 row) for understanding.
    4. Also now when planning and starting the 2 order it shall not plan more than the Min Run Qty that is if Min Run Qty is 2,500 and the last value plan for 1st order ends with 1,700, then the 2 order shall be 800 that is if you add ( 1,700 + 800) you will have 2,500 which is the Min Run Qty for the group. See example where the P.O are changing on column R and row 23 to 24 for understanding.

    I hope I have been able to explain it to the maximum possible. Anything which is not clear please do inform me.

    i just need a started up help on that either by formula, vba code or create a function concerning this.

    Many thanks in advance.
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    Help in order to Automate a planning system.

    Hi Everybody please refer to this attachement and not the test_data_6.

    thanks again for considering.

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    Hi Vishals,

    This one is a bit much for me to digest tonight, as I'm still under time pressure to get other things done here. I'll take a look next time I'm on.
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    Hi Ken,

    Many Many thanks in advance for your help.

    Well i know its very complicated. Yes Ken i will wait as its very important for me.
    thanks again for the kind help.

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    Help in order to Automate a planning system.

    Hi Gurus,

    Anyone to help me on this please.

    Many thanks for the help in advance.

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