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Thread: Dates in Multiple Series

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    Dates in Multiple Series

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    Hi there,

    I am pretty good with excel from a calculations point of view and most other stuf I have been able to find from google but this has stumped me. I guess I cant find the right phrase to search on.

    I have PDR information for the team that I manage at work which consists of three colums of information for each individual A=Date of Review, B=Grade of Employee and C=Performance Rating. Each employee has there own tab with the historic PDR information.

    I want to create one chart that sumarises the performance of my whole team whereby I have a primary axis with a series for the grade at which employee is working and a secondary axis with a series for each employee's Performance Rating.

    The problem that I am having is that the review dates are not being matched up with the date that is used on the horizontal Axis. Each employee has their review on a different date and they all started the company at different times too...

    So my theory was I pick the dates from the longest serving employee and use that as the lavels for the horizontal axis. Lets say that the longest serving employee (person A) started in Janury 2001 and I use the method described above. The fist date on the horizontal axis is 01/01/2001. His development will plot fine. Person B started in June 2005 and had his first PDR then. So I would have expected the chart to line his first review score at June 2005 on the Horizontal Axis. What it actually does is plots it against 01/01/2001 because it identifies that this is the first number in the series.

    I am using a line graph in Excel 2007. I have also tried a scatter graph and that didnt seem to solve the problem either.

    Any help would be appreciated.



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    Apologies, I have just tried this again with scatter and it works perfectly. Sorry

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    Quote Originally Posted by RichDenman View Post
    Apologies, I have just tried this again with scatter and it works perfectly. Sorry
    LOL! Not a worry, happens to all of us.
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