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    Exclamation Need Help With Sumproduct

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    Hey Guys, I am working on a project for my local volunteer fire department where we are trying to track frequency of code use. We fill out a template daily that contains certain codes within two columns we wish to track. Along with the name of our volunteer and the department or Platoon they are assigned to. After completing the template we store it in folders based on "Platoons" ie; "Platoon A", "Platoon B" and so on.. Now we want to track the code usage and frequency by month so we can get totals for the year. Here's where things become tricky, I am trying to put together a formula or code that will go into each of the folders and extract these codes. My research tells me that this can be achieved with the use of SUMPRODUCT as it will search and extract information from closed files. Once it finds this information it will extract it to a source file for further calculations such as totals and such which I will apply filtering to within the source sheet. I have attached a couple of screen shots of the "From" template and the "To" or Source file I want the extracted data to be placed. Any ideas on the bet way to perform this task would be greatly appreciated. I am open to any and all suggestions as I have tried several with no positive results thus far. I am using 2007 to do this with, thank you in advance for your help.
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    Can you attach the file itself?

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    Extracting Data via VBA

    Hello and thank you for responding, I will attach the files for your review and any assistance you may offer to solve my dilemma. Basically I need to pull certain codes from several files just like the one attached "Template" and extract that information to the "Master" file to track number of occurrences for each firefighter. I only want to extract the codes listed on "Master" along with the date and firefighter's name. This Master file will be accumulating throughout they year. I have several months of data to extract so I need to be able to go into closed files just like "Template" and extract this information and add it also to the Master. I am not sure if this is best handled by SUMPRODUCT or not and my VBA skills are mostly light macros. Any assistance would be great as I continue to struggle with finding to best solution. Thank you again for the response.
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