Hi everyone,

Over the past few months I've been working on converting my site from an older software package and porting all the content into the same package that the forum is running. I'm hoping that, once I'm all done with this, that I'll end up having one less software package to support and maintain, and that I'll get some better integration features across the site.

I'm pleased to say that, effective a few minutes ago, I've opened up the new portion to the masses. It still has some bugs I need to work through, but you'll be able to see it start shaping up.

Probably the biggest issue I'm dealing with right now is that there is no way to get to the homepage for the Knowledgebase. (I think I need to kill the old software first.) But you can get to the upgraded look by going to any of the pages in the Services/Resources/About menus. Once you get there you'll see the KnowledgeBase categories listing at left.

Some cool abilities that the new look brings are:
  • Single user id required to access content on both the KB and the forum
  • Logged in users can comment on the KB articles (long overdue... I couldn't prohibit spam in the old software)
  • I can post XML code in my articles, which I couldn't do in the old software (so now I can port my blog posts and have them as part of the KB)
Just for reference, the URL's on the new pages will change by the time I'm finished, so you may not want to bookmark them. I do plan on pointing all of the classic links (that end in NODE/##) to the new content once I've got it worked out.

I'm also hoping that, over time, I may be able to start letting other users contibute KB entries to the site, and maybe even also integrate the blog into the same software. Time will tell on both of those however.

I'm curious to see what you all think of the new look. Please have a browse around and give me your feedback.