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Thread: finding the count cells

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    finding the count cells

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    I have a countif formula that works. It shows me the amount of time past since a certain date, but what i need to to know what row it refers to so i can do something like a vlookup and pull other data from that row that is in different columns. I'll want about 3 different columns including a unique reference.

    So for example, when my countif formula finds 5 matches, i would like to know the found matches; Job number, raised date, due date etc.
    How can i do this?


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    What is your current working COUNTIF formula?

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    I believe a MATCH will be the very first part of what you need, but it will most likely also need to be in an array to get the extra matches and and INDEX from that match will return the info from a related cell.
    Without a sample sheet go work from it is pretty much guess work here.

    Please post a sample sheet so we have something we can work from for you.

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