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Thread: Complex numbers problems, please help!

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    Question Complex numbers problems, please help!

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    Hi, so im doing smth for my college project, and it seemed really easy until i tried it..i've got to the point where i need to do a conjugate complex numper, and when i do it, it just removes decimal points, like they didnt even exist. i tried taking real and imag parts of a number, does the same thing..any ideas why?

    file is attached down bellow so you can see what im doing, and if possible redo it and post it back..

    if you can, please do IMCONJUGATE of F36 in F40, IMREAL of F36 in F43, and IMAGINARY of F36 in F46

    tnx in advance guys!

    sustavi II reda.xlsx

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    The results of a calculation can never have more significant figures than the inputs.
    Complex numbers are text in Excel and have to be reformatted to reflect the right number of significant figures.
    Macro included.
    Also added an engineering format for regular numbers. Macro on request.

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    hmm..interesting, i must say can you tell me what the underscore does? im really no excel expert, and that might be a stupid question..also, tnx for engineering format, but its needed to be without it, how do i remove it?

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    Since this kind of work is not suited for Excel, I recommend not learning Excel but switching to Mathematica.

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    since i've never worked with it, can you tell me if it's anything like MatLab? i use MatLab, but i prefered Excel in this case because i can write equations in a normal way, and in MatLab its just as Excel know what i mean, i'd like to have my equations in that format, like i've written them in Excel..if its possible :/ if not, i'll do MatLab script..
    and yeah, im open to new experiences, do you have any good Mathematica tutorial for me?
    thanks for replies mate!

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    All is lost if you don't see the beauty of the original formulas.
    Also Mathematica costs 20 x Excel.

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    i'm on the dark side of the internet so i dont really worry about prices, i pirate my software..we get alot of them for free from college, like autocad, but not matlab..

    so, can you write formulas like that or not? i didnt really get it from your previous reply..with tutorial please..

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