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Thread: XL Colums Map from Doc 1 to Doc 2

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    XL Colums Map from Doc 1 to Doc 2

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    I have two columns Col A and Col B in one xl document. Both Col A and Col B contains numbers under each cell and they are mapped each other (Col A is mapped to Col B). I have same Col A in second document (Col A in document 1 and 2 are the same) and need to map doc 2 Col A with doc 1 Col B. I want to map cell to cell so that doc 1 Col A and Col B should exactly map with doc 2 Col A and Col B.
    So please send me if any Macros for the above.

    Copy doesn’t work since Doc 2 Col A number order is different from Doc 1 Col A ordering.


    Doc 1 Col A Col B
    01 100
    02 101
    03 102
    04 103

    Doc 2 ColA Col B
    03 ??
    01 ??
    04 ??
    02 ??

    Thanks for the reply and solution in advance....
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    Hello Kotigari,

    You can use VLOOKUP formula.

    you can type the following formula in Col B (Cell B4 or whichever is your starting cell) of Doc 2

    =VLOOKUP(A4,'[Doc 1.xlsx]Sheet1'!$A:$B,2,0)

    in above formula A4 is my files starting point i.e (03 in Doc 2 is located at cell A4)

    once you enter the formula drag till end.

    Hiten Patel

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    Doc 1.xlsx
    Doc 2.xlsx

    Thank you Hiten,

    The formula is working but not exactly to me. The problem is I have more than one entry in cells.
    This time I have attached exact example files. Hope I am clear this time.

    Thanks in advance....

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    Quote Originally Posted by kotigari View Post
    The problem is I have more than one entry in cells.
    You can not mix apples and oranges for plum jam,
    First: remove multiple line from the cell data (Find / Replace)
    Second: separate data from cells which contain more entry data in cell
    Third: use a formula that the colleague gave
    btw: use additional columns
    My personal Web Excel Tutorials
    Attention! In the formulas as a delimiter I use a semicolon (; ) if you using my formula, then perhaps you need to use a comma (,)
    Also for a decimal number I use a comma (,) you may need to use point (.) instead of

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    I maid small change in attachment "Doc 2_" to improve readability.
    So please use example docs (Doc 1 and Doc 2_).

    Shiva Kotigari
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    Hi navic,

    Thank you. I have separated data (Line) and numbers and uploaded the new Doc 2_.xls file. Doc 1 and Doc 2_ will give a better understanding about my problem.

    If I separate multiple entries into one (as you advised) and use the formula, I am sure it works. But again I need to combine them and my document contains multiple entries in lot of cells. So its all a big and manual job. So I am trying to automate this process without much efforts.


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    Can you please send Doc 1 , I want to see what data you have in column B, in this message you have only attached Doc2.

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    I have attached both docs Doc 1 and Doc 2_. Hope it helps.

    Thank you for your time.
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    I am using these forms first time. So don't know what is mean by cross post.
    I thought both excelguru and Excel Forums are different.

    But thank you for your advice.

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