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Thread: New number after every print

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    New number after every print

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    I am trying to make script witch chanse ceartin number after every print. It must ask how many copys and wht is first number.

    Sub PrintCopies_ActiveSheet()
     Dim CopiesCount As Long
     Dim copynumber As Long
     Dim algusnumber As Long
     CopiesCount = Application.InputBox("How many copies do you want?", Type:=1)
     algusnumber = Application.InputBox("First number", Type:=1)
     For copynumber = algusnumber To CopiesCount
     With ActiveSheet
        .Range("B1").Value = copynumber
     End With
     Next copynumber
     End Sub
    for some reason it wount work.

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    If "How many copies do you want?" is 10 and
    if "First number" is 125

    then your code says
    For copynumber = 125 to 10

    should that maybe be
    For copynumber = 125 to 125+10 ?

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