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    Nurse Scheduling Help

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    Hello !

    I am currently studying a course "Intro to Management Sciences" in which we were assigned to do a project on "Nurse Scheduling". We visited a nearby hospital and tried to gather information but they only shared a little info while they told us that further information could not be provided due to confidentiality.
    Attached is the model we tried to create. We have to optimally schedule each nurse so that our cost could be minimized and maximum available of nurses is ensured. Our decision variables are more than 200 so we have used opensolver to solve it but even after putting all the constraints we are not getting a feasible solution.

    Shift 1 Timing: 0700-1200
    Shift 2 Timing: 1200-1700

    Objection Function: Cost minimization
    Decision Variables: Individual Nurse Shift (Binary)
    Minimum Working Days in a week : 5 (10 shift)
    Maximum Consecutive Shifts: 2
    Maximum Off Shifts: 4 (2 days)
    Maximum Morning (Shift 1)Shifts: 7
    Minimum Morning (Shift 1)Shifts: 2
    Maximum Evening (Shift 2) Shifts: 2
    Minimum Evening (Shift 2) Shifts: 2

    I have been able to add only first constraint (Min Working Days One)
    If someone could help me solving this model. That would be quite helpful.

    File Link:


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    I am extremely sorry. I wasn't aware of this rule.

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