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Thread: Percentage for Discount

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    Percentage for Discount

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    Good Day Everyone!

    Im creating a quoting tool within one of my workbooks and would like to have a dropdown located within a cell that will contain multiple discounts to choose from and depending on which discount is chosen it will apply to applicable cells that have a list price. Or I could create multiple dropdowns alongside the rows that have pricing associated and choose the discount that way since some items may have a different discount anyhow. Any better ideas would be appreciated.

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    I think the approach depends on what determines how the discount is chosen. If I understand this correctly, you pick a discount and that determines a set of (product) list prices that this discount can be applied to. This seems a little odd, because this would be difficult to operate if the customer is asking you to quote for specific products/volumes. Can you give a bit more detail on how the process works ? Also, do customers have specified discounts linked to them ?

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    thanks for the quick response Hercules. It is a bit of an unusual request but we discount our products versus marking them up. We sell to dealers or value added resellers instead of the consumer. What Ive done thus far is created a validation list of the multiple discounts, created a hidden cell that will take the deduction and then add in the final price to the appropriate cell. Whats a little different is that we show pricing in list price and start our discounting out at 50% off list then take additional discounts from there. So if the customer was to receive a 5% discount we call it a 50/5. Meaning 50% off list price then an additional 5% off of that.

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    Hi Electromech, here's a few examples that might work for you or give you an idea of you can do.
    I even added GST in just incase

    Hope they help.
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    Thanks Beamer thats what I was looking for! You didnt need to go to extremes though

    I will examine the formula and may come back to ask a couple of questions about it.

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    Glad I could help, no extremes, it didn't take very long at all and I was a little bored tonight anyway

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