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Thread: Article: A message to forum cross posters

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    Article: A message to forum cross posters

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    Thanks for the tips, will do.



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    Thanks, I respect your wishes and will comply

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    Lightbulb Re: Cross posting

    Thank you for informing me. As I thought that by inserting the link to the website would be the way to handle it. I will certainly follow your recommendation.



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    I agree with everything here. I only wish a new member had the ability to comply. I came to these forums searching for help I was unable to get after a week at another location. Until I make five posts here, I'm not able to post any links. While I do understand the need to limit a spambot's ability to post ad links on your forums, I do not understand if a new member is expected to post 5 random posts and then ask their question with a link or perhaps we should circumvent the 5 post requirement and post our question with a broken link so the system will allow it?

    I really do not wish to sound rude or like a "smart @ss", I just feel these expectations place new members in a catch22 of sorts.

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    ok I agree and confirm that I will absolutely abide by the "cross post" rule in future. Sorry for this miss from my side and request your help please.


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    Sorry I will do that I did not mean to cross post I will look out for it in the future Thanks again

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    Thanks, I respect your wishes. I never meant to cross post. Will clear it out in future......

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    how to access
    it work to word how to access 2007 and access 2013

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    It makes sense.

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