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Thread: Pivot table showing results from multiple source columns

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    Pivot table showing results from multiple source columns

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    Is there a way that I can include multiple columns from my data source into one Pivot table?
    I am able to use Pivot tables and create charts when one column is containing the data (e.g. answers to a questionnaire where respondents were able to choose only one answer among several, mutually exclusive answers).
    However, I have questions where they were able to choose more than one Option (e.g. Person 1 ticked answer A, C and D; Person 2 ticked answer A, D, E and G).
    For each option of answer (A-I) I have one column in the data source file.
    It works all fine to include one of the columns in the Pivot Table Field List (add under "row labels" and under "values".
    However, I would like to add all the columns (A-I) and see the result listed under each other.
    If I add more than one column to the "row Labels" and "values" it messes the numbers up (I guess only shows me how many have chosen both options).

    Obviously, I could do it all manually, take just one column, copy-paste it below and do this with the results of all the columns.
    That is what I have done visible on the screen shot: row 14-16 are just copy/paste from row 6, switching the "row labels" and "values" in the "Pivot Table Field List" from data source column B to C to D.
    (see attaced screen-shot below)

    Is there an easier way getting a compilation like seen in row 14-16 - other than manually change ans copy/paste?

    Any help much appreciated!
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