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Thread: Formula For Matching Multiple Criteria

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    Formula For Matching Multiple Criteria

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    Hello All and thanks for your time in advance.

    Above average computer skills with experience working with EXCEL.
    Need help figuring out a formula to pull multiple criteria from the tabs below.

    Need to Match the following:
    1) Job Qualification - X indicates a qualification. (Qualifications Tab)
    2) Available Shift - Need to Exclude Shifts that are working. (Determined by Gray "OT" menu selection on "Catalyst" Tab below.)

    Once that is complete:
    Need to sort list availability by hours OT Hours worked and then have that info (Operator Name) entered into cell on the
    OT EX 1 Tab.

    I believe I have all the info needed to do this but I have not been able to combine the right formula to pull one (1) name from this info.
    I have also created several tables in an attempt to pull this off but to no avail. I know it is not an easy answer and may require multiple inputs
    and I am ready to assist.

    Thanks again for any help in advance.


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    Excel 2010 with free PowerPivot and Power Query Add-Ins.
    Compatible with Office 2013/2016 Pro Plus.
    No formulas, no VBA macro.
    Cleaned up a small portion with Tables, Power Query and PivotTable.
    Please base further requests on my template.

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