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Thread: Highlight duplicates data form sheet to another sheet

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    Highlight duplicates data form sheet to another sheet

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    Basically I have a spreadsheet which shows months Sep ,Oct, Nov and Dec we have to tracking ID number so if ID number is sheet Sep or Oct I want to highlight it as duplicates data so that case I am informed that ID number has been last month. What I am trying to do is highlight duplicate ID Numbers across the worksheets as we shouldn't have the same ID Number in the two different sources.
    See attachment.
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    I have a similar task. I have a workbook for each month, a sheet for each date. As I enter data for a new day, I need to know whether the same value has already been entered on a previous day. I know how to compare two columns and highlight for duplicates, but is there a way to compare for "repeat offenders" for a whole month? I've attached an example with data on sheets 1, 2, 3, and 19. The actual spreadsheets I'm using have much more information but the data I want to compare is on Column B on each sheet.
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