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Thread: Index match function?

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    Index match function?

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    Hi Guys,

    Can you please help me what function to use im so confused i have the logical idea but cannot implement the function.
    I want to display the last name and first name of employees who has no middle name and whose gross pay is the maximum.
    Last Name First Name Middle Name Gross Pay
    Anapen Annie 50,000
    Croker Charlie 35,000
    Jo John J 15,000

    Hoping for your advice

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    Try ARRAY formula (the formula is complete with Ctrl+Shift+Enter)
    Pay attention, you may need to use a comma instead of a semicolon
    =INDEX($A$2:$A$10&" ";MATCH(MAX(IF($C$2:$C$10=0;$D$2:$D$10));$D$2:$D$10;0))&INDEX($B$2:$B$10;MATCH(MAX(IF($C$2:$C$10=0;$D$2:$D$10));$D$2:$D$10;0))
    Please see attach
    Attached Files Attached Files
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    Attention! In the formulas as a delimiter I use a semicolon (; ) if you using my formula, then perhaps you need to use a comma (,)
    Also for a decimal number I use a comma (,) you may need to use point (.) instead of

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    Cross posted on EF without links

    Please read

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