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Thread: 2 Week Rolling Average

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    2 Week Rolling Average

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    I am pretty basic when it comes to Excel 2010.

    I need help determing a rolling average for the past two weeks in column L on the WOH tab for every 2 columns labeled "COMP" on the Completed Work tab.

    I do not want to see lovely DIV/0! error however zeroes must be included in the 2 week calculation if any, ignoring the blanks.

    I'm not sure if a helper column is needed on the Completed Work tab in order to calculate the rolling average.
    I have tried different suggestions from google and assorted tutorials but I would assume I'm not inputting the formulas correctly...
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    If I insert a column to the left of the Sun 11/1 data, and insert the following array formula


    I get the average for every third column just fine... But I just want to see the average for the past two weeks based on today's date starting in WOH!L3; not an average of all the data in every third column.

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    Does the attached help ?
    Copy of TESTER2.xlsx

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pecoflyer View Post
    Does the attached help ?
    Copy of TESTER2.xlsx
    It does, thank you much!!!!

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