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Thread: Formula to provide RAG status

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    Formula to provide RAG status

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    I have been struggling to create a simple if formula to provide a Red, Amber, Green status to some comparison figures. I cant use conditional formatting because I have to display the swords "Red", "Amber" or "Green" in C1 depending upon whether the figure in A1 is Less than, within 10% of or more than B1. See example table below

    A1 B1 C1
    Aim Result Target Status
    High is Good 60 100 Red
    High is Good 91 100 Amber
    High is Good 102 100 Green
    Either 100 100 Green
    Low is Good 91 100 Green
    Low is Good 105 100 Red
    Low is Good 120 100 Amber

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    Perhaps =LOOKUP(A1/B1,{0,0.9,1},{"r","a","g"})

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