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    Post multiple functions

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    I need to build a formula that takes a value from a code and multiplies it by a number and then post in another cell.

    For example:

    97110 is the code and this number is equal to 38. I need to be able to put in 97110 and have the 38 multiply by another number in a cell and then push to another cell. Below is the outcome of what I would like the spreadsheet to look like.

    Code Units Revenue
    97110 2 76

    Thanks for your help,


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    Assuming all your data is in Sheet1, and your table of codes/prices is in Columns B and C and the Sales Data (Code,Units, Revenue) is in cols F to H starting on row 3:

    Enter this formula in H3, and copy down to accommodate all the listed entries:

    =G3*VLOOKUP(F3,$B:$C, 2,FALSE)

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