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Thread: Is there an easier way of writing this formula?

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    Is there an easier way of writing this formula?

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    Basically it's for totaling overtime owed. With overtime one hour is worth 1.5, if instead of getting paid out you bank time one hour is worth one hour. Thanks in advance.

    =IF(C7<0,C7*1,C7*1.5)+IF(E7<0,E7*1,E7*1.5)+IF(F7<0,F7*1,F7*1.5)+IF(G7<0,G7*1,G7*1.5)+IF(H7<0,H7*1,H7*1.5)+IF(I7<0,I7*1,I7*1.5)+etcetcetc x each day of the month.

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    I can't attach but this is the jist

    Oct 17 Oct 18 Oct 19 Oct 20 Total
    Randy .5 1 1 -2 1.75
    John 3 3 -8 1 2.5

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    Perhaps =sumif(c7:aa7,"<0")+sumif(c7:aa7,">0)*1.5

    Adapt the range to your needs

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    Thank you. I now very little about if's and sumif's but I can usually Google things and figure out a way. I played with sumif but just couldn't figure it out. Seems pretty simple now that I look at it.

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