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Thread: Auto populate data from one sheet to another with drop down

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    Auto populate data from one sheet to another with drop down

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    I am have data in one sheet with the number of orders recieved in total and number of order recieved through Facebook campaign along with Total amount spent on the campaign. This is further segregated into locations and mediums used. I am building a summary sheets that will display selected information from the other sheet for a particular location. I have grouped medium and locations together in a drop down menu (Eg: Website - Whitefield). I want specific data from the relevant sheet to populate on the summary sheet once a relevant drop down is selected.I tried using VlookUp but that does not working with drop downs.

    Dummy Reference Data:
    Date Total Orders Amount Spent Cost Per Conversion Const Per Acquisition
    x 15 1800 1800/15 1800/New Orders
    Y 12 3400 3400/12 3400/New Orders
    Z 22 2100 2100/22 2100/New Orders
    A 17 3400 3400/17 3400/New Orders

    What I want is when some one selects Website - Location in the drop down on the summary sheet, the above table should appear. Similarly, it should repeat for other options in the drop down with same headers.

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    Have you considered using slicers instead of a dropdown?

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