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Thread: Define the name of range

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    Define the name of range

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    any body can help me to identify error in the following code.

    I have a macro to select the particular number of cells in the sheet and after selection i want to give the name of selected range as "tblheading"

    i got selected the range but unable to define the name. code run fine to select the cells but not defining name of range.

    Sub test()
        Dim xlApp As Application
        Dim sSheet As String
        Dim rangevalue As Range
        Set xlApp = Application
        Dim wb As Workbook, ws As Worksheet
        Set wb = ActiveWorkbook
        Set ws = ActiveSheet
        sSheet = "Sheet1"
        On Error Resume Next
        With xlApp
            .Application.Union(.Sheets(sSheet).Rows("5:5").SpecialCells(xlCellTypeFormulas), _
        End With
        Set rangevalue = Range(Union(Sheets(sSheet).Rows("5:5").SpecialCells(xlCellTypeFormulas), _
    wb.Names.Add Name:="tblrecords", RefersTo:= _
                      "=" & rangevalue
    End Sub
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    Change the last line to:
     rangevalue.Name = "tblrecords"

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