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Thread: Need help writing a Formula

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    Need help writing a Formula

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    My data is currently located in two worksheets
    In the first sheet is my collected data
    In the second sheet is the information that I manually copy from the first sheet
    In the first sheet the data I used are in two rows e.g.:

    In the second sheet I need to record the information in separate columns as listed below

    X= 73.85 ?=76.49
    What I currently do is used the + and reference the cells in the first sheet.
    What I would like to do in the second column (?) Is somehow write a formula that would look at what is in the first column (x) and give me the result of 76.49
    Is there a way to do this?

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    With your numbers in col A of Sheet1 arranged as pairs, the first in each pair being in col B of Sheet2:
    In order to place the second value for each pair in Col D of Sheet2, put this formula into the same row:

    copy down Col D for as many pairs as needed.
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