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Thread: Time and date to string

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    Time and date to string

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    I have a number of cells that have date format. I'm interested in getting this in milli seconds but just to 2 decimal place.
    e.g 07/10/2015 08:14:52.60
    What i need to be able to do is put this information into a string so i can extract it exactly to 2 decimal places, and not the numerical equivalent (below)

    any thoughts on how best to approach this?
    I know it sounds a big deal but i will be using a vwap command further down the line.

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    on a sheet where L26 contains your date/time of 42,284.3436644213000 (formatted or not to display as date):
    =TEXT(L26,"dd/mm/yyyy hh:mm:ss.00")
    yields 07/10/2015 08:14:52.61

    in vba, a copy of the immediate pane in the VBE:
    ?[text(42284.3436644213000,"dd/mm/yyyy hh:mm:ss.00")]
    07/10/2015 08:14:52.61

    the format function didn't work:
    ?format(42284.3436644213000,"dd/mm/yyyy hh:mm:ss.00")
    07/10/2015 08:14:53.00

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