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Thread: extract specific word or words from a text in Excel

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    extract specific word or words from a text in Excel

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    Good Day!!

    I have been spending hours in order to extract text from a cell.

    CIName:hswps-app-p04 .Event id c97d3ac0-0996-71e5-1b78-900489740000 has been restarted.
    CIName:Event id d25413d4-0078-71e5-0c27-900464290000
    A High Read/Write Latency is observed on the guest
    Disk Read Latency = 32.00 msec
    Disk Write Latency = 38.00 msec
    Read/Write Latency
    CIName .Event id 6ccb72e0-0a2e-71e5-1cb0-900485be0000
    Disk utilization for /backup has crossed the threshold (90%), current utilization is 94%..
    CIName .Event id 3fa56d70-0a47-71e5-0e5f-9004829a0000
    (MS473) Node "" may be down. Failed to contact it using ping..
    Node Down

    1. Column 1 has this kind of junk data, and I have the key words that needs to be extracted in the adjecent cell.(Node down, Utilization ... are my key words)
    2. I need a formula which can extract these key words from the text in column 1 to a specific column of my choice.

    I have thousands of such records from which I need to extract these key words.

    Can anyone help me?


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    By extract, do you mean true/false if they exist or not or the count of how many times they exist

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    a "brute force attack" approach

    =TRIM(IF(COUNTIF(A2,"*Read/Write Latency*")," Read/Write Latency","")&" "&IF(COUNTIF(A2,"*Utilization*")," Utilization","")&" "&IF(COUNTIF(A2,"*Node Down*")," Node Down",""))


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