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Thread: Creating a Pivot table showing count by quarterly sales

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    Creating a Pivot table showing count by quarterly sales

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    Just some quick background.. I have a shared appointment sheet and a sales team that sets appointments inputs related appointment info into a spreadsheet created. based off of that we have several pivot tables showing information showing slaes made from those appointments which salesman has the most sales YTD, ect. I am looking to show a count of appointments made in each quarter shown in a pivot table. Is there an easy way to do this?
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    Did you ever get help with this? If not, a quick way might be to create an extra column which calculates which quarter you are in, using an IF statement or even a lookup table. Then the pivot table would be able to pull the info.

    But - you might want to consider setting up your data differently (only one tab with data, all months in a single column) and then pull all reports using pivot tables off the one table of data.

    Hope this helps!

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