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Thread: Looking for a more efficient formula...

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    Looking for a more efficient formula...

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    I am using this formula and it works, but I know it is going to be limiting for my needs.
    ='Question 4'!C13&", "&'Question 4'!C14&", "&'Question 4'!C15&", "&'Question 4'!C16&", "&'Question 4'!C17&", "&'Question 4'!C18&", "&'Question 4'!C19&", "&'Question 4'!C20&", "&'Question 4'!C21&", "&'Question 4'!C22&", "&'Question 4'!C23

    What is a better way to write this formula, so if I have responses in 10 rows or 1000, it will work? I am trying to capture text results from a survey, bring all the responses into one field and include a comma between each response.

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    Excel is awful at concatenating contiguous cells.
    It would be nice if we could use somethng like: =CONCAT.ALL('Question 4'!C13:C23,",")
    Unfortunately, no. Your formula is the only approach Excel can accommodate right now.
    Ron Coderre
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    Ron, I appreciate the response. Disappointing to hear there is not a better way. However, nice to hear I am doing it correctly.

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