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Thread: Formula For all possible product combinations

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    Formula For all possible product combinations

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    I need an excel spreadsheet to give me all my possible product model
    numbers, with the various options included. Please see the attached
    spreadsheet for an example. I hope i have explained it well enough.
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    This is becoming kind of urgent, is there nobdy that can help me?

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    The attached example file uses VBA to do it.

    Commented code as follows:
    Sub Possibilities()
        Dim sModel As String
        Dim cl As Range
        Dim rngModels As Range
        Dim rngCatA As Range
        Dim lClean As Long
        Dim lColA As Long
        Dim lColB As Long
        Dim lColC As Long
        Dim lColD As Long
        With Worksheets("Sheet1")
            'Range of model numbers to prepend
            Set rngModels = .Range("A2:A3")
            'First cell in data table
            Set rngCatA = .Range("B8")
            'Set up target list area
            .Range("B16:B" & .Range("B" & .Rows.Count).End(xlUp).Row).ClearContents
            .Range("B16").Value = "Model Number"
            'Create possibilities
            For Each cl In rngModels
                For lColA = 0 To 3
                    For lColB = 0 To 3
                        For lColC = 0 To 3
                            For lColD = 0 To 3
                                'Generate raw possibilities
                                sModel = cl.Value & "/" & _
                                         rngCatA.Offset(lColA, 0) & "/" & _
                                         rngCatA.Offset(lColB, 1) & "/" & _
                                         rngCatA.Offset(lColC, 2) & "/" & _
                                         rngCatA.Offset(lColD, 3)
                                'Strip any instances of // (from blank quartets)
                                For lClean = 1 To 4
                                    sModel = Replace(sModel, "//", "/")
                                Next lClean
                                'Remove trailing / if necessary (blank final quartet)
                                If Right(sModel, 1) = "/" Then sModel = Left(sModel, Len(sModel) - 1)
                                'Place value in cell
                                .Range("B" & .Range("B" & .Rows.Count).End(xlUp).Row).Offset(1, 0).Value = sModel
                            Next lColD
                        Next lColC
                    Next lColB
                Next lColA
            Next cl
        End With
    End Sub
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    Awesome! Thanks.

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