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Thread: Pivot Table Filter

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    Pivot Table Filter

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    Hello everyone,

    I have a pivot table like below.

    how can I only show the data with AO and MH in HOME_DEPT (only abaker)? aallen and abyrd no show. Thank you

    First name/ Last Nam HOME_DEPT EMP_NAME
    aallen MH ALLEN, AMY

    abaker AO BAKER, ANTHONY

    abyrd MH BYRD, AISHA

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    The way I would do it is create another column next to it and use a mid function to pull in your AO and AH and then name the column and update your pivot then drag that column in filter then filter for what you like.

    Im not sure if that mid function is correct but it is some type of function to draw out the AO or AH you are looking for. I would have to see it to know for sure. Cheers!

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