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Thread: Two "IF" functions in the one formula?

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    Two "IF" functions in the one formula?

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    Can someone please help me sort this formula out. I'm trying copy a cell value from another page, but I need to have two "IF" functions at once. (Highlighted Red) (does that make sense?)

    =IF('Master Template'!F10="KRE 57",('Master Template'!F24)),or,IF('Master Template'!O10="KRE 57",('Master Template'!O24))

    Thanks in advance for your time.

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    Helo use
    =IF('Master Template'!F10="KRE 57",'Master Template'!F24,IF('Master Template'!O10="KRE 57",'Master Template'!O24,""))

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    Hey Mr Pike,

    You are a legend, works great Thanks so much for your help

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