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Thread: How to create a Dynamic list on a separate Worksheet

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    How to create a Dynamic list on a separate Worksheet

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    How do I create a dynamic list on a separate worksheet? I have included an example of how I want it to look. There is a list of Employees, The offices where they work, and their titles. On a separate worksheet, I want it to dynamically create a list of each employee by the office that they work in minus those that have retired. I also want them listed on the second worksheet with the Manager first and everyone else alphabetically under the manager. I want it to look like an organizational chart. I did the sample manually to illustrate what I need. My original list has over 200 employees, so I definitely need a way to have this done automatically. I just created this one as an example. This is so frustrating!!

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    Hi graphictees...

    just for your info, unfortunately the link seems not to be valid (or has been shortened), so the file can not be downloaded.

    Best Regards :-)

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    Hi this link is still not valid but if its a dynamic list on a separate sheet you want...

    Try this
    1. Enter your data list into Excel.
    2. Highlight your data list
    3. Go to cell reference area and type a name for your range of cells
    4. Highlight the cells you want to apply the validation to OR Shortcut ALT, D,L
    5. Select List in validation criteria- allow
    6. In source type = and your named range the = (equals) sign is REALLY important OR hit F3 and select your named range
    7. Hit Ok
    8. Test it!!!

    1. If you really want to turn up the volume on this and have your off sheet data validation range become dynamic and update and expand as rows are added, then all you need to do is make the named range dynamic.
      1. Highlight your data range
      2. Hit CTRL+T ( Excel 2007) to CTRL+L ( earlier versions of Excel) to have data become a table
      3. Confirm if your data has headings
      4. Hit Ok
    Hope that help
    Barbara Excel

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    Thank you for trying to help. I sent you an email with the attachment.

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