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    date range

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    I am trying to create this:

    1. type a date into a cell that is the first or last date of a specific month...or perhaps the name of the month (any will do)
    2. excel then automatically fills a defined range in a column with all the dates of that month filled less
    3. the difficulty is that the months have different numbers of days in each, and excel has to intuit that info

    I've tried every trick I know...I can't get it done. can you help?


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    Acolyte candybg's Avatar
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    2010 and 2016
    Here's the start of one solution:

    If your date is in cell A1, the formula in B1 would be:

    The formula in B2 (and copied down to B31) would be:

    Works well for all but Feb : )

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    Magician NoS's Avatar
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    Using candybg's formula in B1,
    make the formula in B2


    and drag down to B31

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    Works perfectly! Thank you so much! You two are excel wizards!

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