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Thread: Help! Cell to have Checkbox List - List items pulled from separate tab!

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    Unhappy Help! Cell to have Checkbox List - List items pulled from separate tab!

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    I'm looking to have a list appear when a cell is clicked. The user should be able to click on multiple list items if needed. The list items would come from another tab which can be updated.. soo to restate this:

    In Tab1(/sheet 1) When the user clicks on a cell in the column (all cells in the column will have this functionality) I would like a list of checkbox items to appear as options (more than 1 can be clicked). I would like the list to be pulled from the items put in tab/sheet2.

    Note: if more items are added/updated in the list in tab 2, I would like the checkbox list in tab 1 to update automatically/dynamically

    I'm using Excel 2013


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    Have you tried Data validation through lists. What you will do is create a list on your (Tab2) and head back to tab one ( where cells can be clicked). Go to Data > Data validation> data validation . A box comes up where you need to look in the "Allow" part for the list function. There you will select the series where the possible list options are available and set the range. Click ok and return to Tab 1. In the selected area where you chose to create the list to choose from, A drop down box will appear to choose the items you need. Hope this was what you were looking for

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    I have tried this method, but it only allows me to click one of the items in the drop-down list. Is there something I am missing that lets me click off more than one list item?


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