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Thread: Count based on today day condition

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    Count based on today day condition

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    I am new to this forum & excel as well. Any help from fellow members would be greatly appreciated. My situation is:

    I need to prepare a weekly excel report on every Monday. But there is a scenario that if i need to prepare this report suppose on Wednesday then how am i going to do it since i need to consider dates of last week only (i.e. till Sunday) & not the current week.

    So to elaborate, there is an excel in which there is a sheet in which 1 column contains some dates. In 2nd sheet, i need to count only those cells which has dates of previous weeks. If today is Monday then it is very easy i have used the formula:


    considering that today is Monday. But in case today is Wednesday then how should i proceed please provide me your guidance.

    Thanks in advance !


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    Try replacing TODAY() with TODAY()-WEEKDAY(TODAY(),3)

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