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Thread: Hyperlink.Address Property Max 254 characters?

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    Hyperlink.Address Property Max 254 characters?

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    Hi all,

    I also posted this thread on the Microsoft Office Forums, but thinking maybe I will have better luck here, this being an Excel expert forum.


    In a VBA Excel macro I'm updating the address-property of a Hyperlink like this: Hyperlink.Address = "h t t p : //aaaaaaaaaaaaa.test" <-- Fake spaces added only here because the forum did not like me posting links....
    As long as the address-string is 254 characters or less the property assignment works, but for any string 255 characters or above, the assignment fails with an "Out of memory" error.

    Is this a bug? In any case, is there a workaround for this?

    I need to be able to set the property with URL:s longer than 254 characters. And I know for sure that Excel can indeed have hyperlinks where the address part is longer than 254 characters as well, because I have several workbooks with links that are over 300 characters.


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    This has been resolved (thanks Peter Thornton at MSDN Excel forum!). Obviously instead of updating the Address-property for an existing Hyperlink, I ended up re-creating every link that needed to be updated, and then it worked perfectly.


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